About Us


The purpose of the Employment Practices Network of Kansas City is to provide a quarterly forum in order to:

  • Educate and inform human resource professionals and business managers on employment and business issues
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas and information among attendees
  • Facilitate networking among human resource professionals in the Kansas City area
  • Assist in the communication of local job leads and available job search candidates


EPNKC strives to bring interesting speakers with relevant and timely topics to address its quarterly meeting attendees. 

Speakers and presenters have included out-of-town subject experts as well as local professionals with special areas of expertise. Topics are typically related to employment issues, but EPNKC also features speakers on a wide variety of business topics.

Career Leads

Looking for a career change? Trying to fill an open position? A unique offering of the EPNKC quarterly meetings is the announcement of job openings and job seekers.

Guests who are unemployed and seeking a new position are announced as such to the group. Alternatively, organizations with a Human Resource job opening may have their position announced to our audience.

EPNKC also shares current HR job listings to its email membership list. EPNKC has been gratified to facilitate many high-quality "matches" of job seekers with open jobs. 

Community Contribution

Employment Practices Network of Kansas City is committed to giving back to the local community through financial contributions.

Over the years we have donated to many Kansas City organizations such as: Women’s Employment Network, The Whole Person, Sarcoma Foundation, Speak UP, Mental Health America of the Heartland, Children’s Mercy, Mother to Mother.

Meet Our Board Members

Behind EPNKC is a dynamic group of leaders. Click below to meet the team.

Our History

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EPN of Kansas City was born in 1989, when a small group of human resource professionals gathered to discuss their common interest in forming a group to enhance their knowledge of employment issues in the workplace. 

The group decided to petition the national Employment Management Association for the formation of a Kansas City Chapter, patterned after the long-standing and successful St. Louis EMA Chapter.

The newly-formed EMA chapter began to offer a program of bi-monthly breakfast meetings at a hotel on the Plaza. After a few years, the format was switched to quarterly luncheon meetings at the same location. 

Turnout for the meetings was light, but the organization’s membership and meeting attendance grew steadily. Membership in the local chapter was free, with only a few area professionals choosing to belong to the national EMA organization.

EMA Kansas City adopted a programming strategy of presenting quarterly Thursday morning breakfast meetings in southern Johnson County. This format and location proved to be extremely popular and attendance grew dramatically. 

The Board of Directors soon decided the organization could best serve its constituents by spinning off from HRMA as an independent entity. The new non-profit Employment Practices Network of Kansas City was incorporated in the State of Kansas on January 9, 2001.


Following along with it’s newly-established incorporation, EPNKC created a more formal structure for the Board of Directors while continuing to host successful quarterly breakfast events. 

During this period, technology and social media begin to boom. Quick to adapt, our attendees begin to join our online community and opt-in to receive our valuable weekly job blast email.


Today we are focused on updating the EPNKC brand to match the vitality and strength of our quarterly events. We are thriving as a group and are working hard to ensure that the EPNKC community is here to stay for many years to come. We invite you to join us on this journey.